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Hitachi EH5000AC-3, NA Haul Trucks

The EH5000AC-3, NA is the mining industry’s heavyweight champion, designed exclusively for North America. With its commanding MTU 16V4000 C21 engine, this colossal haul truck has a net weight of 449,743 pounds and boasts a staggering power output of 2,850 horsepower. With a nominal payload capacity of 326 tons, it tackles the biggest and toughest jobs with ease. But it’s not just about brawn; the EH5000AC-3 is also a technological marvel, featuring Hitachi’s Advanced IGBT AC-Drive system for unmatched efficiency.

When you demand peak performance and productivity, this hauler rises to the challenge, setting new standards in the mining world.

Hitachi EH5000AC-3, NA Specifications
  • Engine: MTU 16V4000 C21
  • Net Machine Weight: 449,743 lb | 204,000 kg
  • Power: 2,850 hp | 2,125 kW
  • Nominal Payload: 326 tons | 296 tonnes

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