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Hitachi EH3500AC-3, NA Haul Trucks

Introducing the EH3500AC-3, NA – a mining haul truck powerhouse designed exclusively for North America. With its sturdy MTU 12V4000 C21 engine, this heavyweight machine weighs in at 310,852 lb and packs 2,025 hp of raw power. With a 200 ton payload capacity, it’s a true mining workhorse. Engineered for the toughest tasks, it boasts a sturdy frame that outperforms peers, delivering faster acceleration and cost-effective operation.

Winner of the 2019 NSW Mining Outstanding Supplier Award, the EH3500AC-3 offers high-powered engine options, advanced AC technology, easy operation, and enhanced safety, making it your ultimate mining companion for durability and efficiency.

Hitachi EH3500AC-3, NA Specifications
  • Engine: MTU 12v4000 C21
  • Net Machine Weight: 310,852 lb | 141,000 kg
  • Power: 2,025 hp | 1,510 kW
  • Nominal Payload: 200 tons | 181 tonnes

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