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Veterans Equipment Team - V.E.T.

V.E.T. was formed to enhance the work environment at ASCO for veteran employees and job seekers. Our goal is to promote a welcoming atmosphere, identify and address emerging issues such as veteran recruitment and retention and increase the visibility and value of veterans’ skills in the workplace.


Veterans Equipment Team

Military service has been engrained in ASCO’s culture since the company was founded in 1960 by Bill Wright. Mr. Wright served during World War II as a United States Navy Seabee.  In over 60 years of business, ASCO has employed many veterans, all of whom have contributed to ASCO’s Core Purpose, which is “To Be A Blessing To Others.”

ASCO has established the Veterans Equipment Team, proudly and affectionately referred to as V.E.T.  This organization was established to serve as an employee resource group for military veterans aimed at recruiting, retaining, and advancing the personal and professional lives of our teammates who have served.  In turn, we make each veteran employee, our team, and the company better to fulfill our daily duties.

V.E.T. is organized as a unit using a similar infrastructure, vernacular, and culture to which veterans are accustomed in the military.  The unit facilitates a leadership and mentorship program where we empower our teammates to succeed.  Externally, we recognize this group to be a representation of ASCO.  How we conduct ourselves individually is a focal point as we grow with the communities we live in and serve.  Service to each other, our customers, and our communities is paramount.

Founder, Bill Wright

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