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BWP17S-7 Electric Pallet Trucks & Stackers

The BWP17S-7 is more than just an electric pallet truck. It’s a powerful, and versatile stacker to defeat tight spaces and heavy loads. With a 3,300-pound capacity, it embarks on demanding work while its 19.7-inch reach stroke easily navigates little aisles. The 24-volt AC power ensures smooth operation, while the electromagnetic service brake provides reliable stopping power.
The BWP17S-7 boasts a 156-inch triple-stage mast for impressive stacking heights for added versatility. The tilting fork carriage allows for precise load placement, and the pantograph reach mechanism effortlessly extends your reach. The ergonomic control handle prioritizes operator comfort, and the low-speed brake override ensures safety during maneuvering.

BWP17S-7 Specifications
  • Power: 24 V AC power
  • Capacity: 3,300 lbs
  • Reach Stroke: 19.7 in
  • Braking: Electromagnetic service brake

The BWP17S-7 – Electric Pallet Trucks & Stackers is what you need for smooth work in tight spaces with ease. Contact ASCO today to get yours now!

Bobcat Electric Pallet Trucks & Stackers Models:

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