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Hitachi EX2000-7E, Elec Mining Excavators

The EX2000-7E, ELEC. is the future of mining excavators, designed for ultra-productive and zero-emissions mining operations. With a formidable net power of 818 horsepower and impressive reach and digging capabilities, this electric-powered excavator combines the durability and advanced safety features you expect from Hitachi with the sustainability of electric propulsion. It’s a vision for the mining industry’s future, recognized with the NSW Mining Outstanding Supplier Award in 2019.

The EX2000-7E leads the way with efficient power options, advanced hydraulics, user-friendly controls, durability, easy maintenance, operator comfort, intelligent connectivity, and a safety-focused design. Join the electric revolution in mining with Hitachi.

Hitachi EX2000-7E, Elec Specifications
  • Max Dig Reach:
    • Backhoe: 50 ft 4in | 15.34 m
    • Shovel: 44 ft 3 in | 13.49 m
  • Max Dig Depth:
    • Backhoe: 26 ft 7 in | 8.09 m
    • Shovel: 14 ft 4 in | 4.38 m
  • Net Power: 818 hp | 610 kW
  • Operating Weight:
    • Backhoe: 425,492 lb | 193,000 kg
    • Shovel: 423,288 lb | 192,000 kg

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