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Hitachi EX8000-7E, Elec Mining Excavators

Introducing the Hitachi EX8000-7E, where technology and safety meet in one massive electric package. This mining excavator is designed for the future of mining operations, offering unmatched productivity, reliability, and ease of maintenance. With two powerful Hitachi AC electric motors, advanced hydraulics, and user-friendly controls, it’s the pinnacle of electric excavation.

Step into the future of mining with the EX8000-7E – big, efficient, and electric.

Hitachi EX8000-7E, Elec Specifications
  • Max Dig Reach:
    • Backhoe: 73 ft 2 in | ​​22.3 m
    • Shovel: 61 ft 7 in | 18.8 m
  • Max Dig Depth:
    • Backhoe: 27 ft 7 in | 8.4 m
    • Shovel: 14 ft 5 in | 4.43 m
  • Net Power: 2 x 1,609 hp | 2 x 1,200 kW
  • Operating Weight:
    • Backhoe: 1,849,678 lb | 839,000 kg
    • Shovel: 1,821,018 lb | 826,000 kg

Ready to electrify your mining operations with the EX8000-7E? Contact us now for a demo, customized quote, or to find an ASCO location near you.

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